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Canton Community Pages

Canton is the Gateway to Baltimore City coming from the east.  Uniquely situated and in full view of every traveler driving down 95 from the north or anyone emerging the Tunnels that go under the Patapsco River going north.  These pages will give insight to some of Canton’s history , current state of living and future forecasts as opinioned by the authors of these pages.

Enjoy and come back often for news and happenings in and around Canton!

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Canton Overview

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Other Sponsors

Moppin’ Momma’s is owned and operated by business partners Raylene Wase and Dot Snyder.   In the cleaning business for over 14 years, they have great experience with all kinds of cleaning jobs, big or small.

Please visit their website for more info:

Cleaning Service

Manni Schiemann, Owner

Manni has been in the computer business since the early 80’s,  and living in Canton for the last 15 years.  

Please visit his page for expert computer help and instant support:

Computer Consulting & Repair

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Tammy has been living in Canton for the past 25 years.  She is a full time  Realtor with Cummings & Co.  She has excellent knowledge of all the neighborhoods and loves living in Canton in particular.  Please visit her website for expert advice:

Tammy Wase   Realtor

Your Neighborhood Realtor